Drain Tile Repair in Vancouver

Drain Tile Repair in VancouverHigh Mark Plumbing has your drain tile repair in Vancouver. We have the team, we have the equipment, and we have the will to do excellent work on your plumbing system when you need it. More than that, we know how to do it quickly, efficiently and so that it should not need redone for a while.

Plumbing wears out. It is just that simple, and drain tiles are no exception to that rule. There are all sorts of drain tiles, from the old-fashioned ceramic tiles, to the new flexible drains. Each has their own particular set of traits and problems; but the good news is that modern plumbing technology has answers for all of them. One of the best ideas around, lately, is the flexible replacement. When you call us, and tell us that you suspect there is something wrong with your drain tile, one of the first things we do is run a little camera down it to look for the problem. Sometimes, all that is needed is to run a plumber’s snake through it and clean out a clog. At other times, the tile might have been crushed or damaged in some other way. When that happens, we can run an auger down the line, and clean out the obstruction. A flexible drain hose can then be inserted in the old space, and allowed to spring into place. This process takes minimal digging and is relatively quick and efficient.

High Mark Plumbing has your drain tile repair in Vancouver, just call (604)945-6060 for an honest assessment and modern repairs. We are dedicated to the idea that honest service will gain word-of-mouth advertising and the right kind of repeat business – which is the kind where the customer calls us again because he or she was happy with the work that was done.