Drain Tile Repair in Vancouver

drain tile repair in VancouverUnless you have a drain tile system installed on your property, you likely have never heard of this specialized pipe that pulls water away from your home’s foundation and footings. A drain tile system keeps water from pooling at a home’s base and deters a flooding basement.

High Mark Plumbing has expert plumbing technicians for drain tile repair in Vancouver. You will definitely know if something is wrong with your drain tile and we can fix it affordably and quickly and with as little mess as possible.

Our plumbers will dig down to the damaged pipe. Depending on how deep and how hard the ground is, heavy equipment may be necessary. They will temporarily clear away the gravel from the drain tile and remove the damaged section, either by cutting it out or breaking the seals holding the piece in.

We will replace with new drain tile and seal the seams, check the water filtration system to ensure that sediment will not get in the drain and re-cover it all, first with the gravel and then the soil on top.

The cost for drain tile repair depends on the location of the damaged section, whether heavy equipment is needed, the extent of the repair and the type of pipe used. Plastic pipe is more durable and is less expensive than clay. It is much easier to replace and repair.

If water is seeping into your basement or has puddled around your home’s footings, call High Mark Plumbing right away at 604-678-9440 to schedule your drain tile repair before the problem gets any worse.