Drain Tile Repair Oakridge Vancouver BC

drain tile repair in Fairview Vancouver BCHigh Mark Plumbing can help with your drain tile repair in Oakridge Vancouver BC. Summer is a great time to work on drain tiles because rainfall is relatively minimal. However, it is also a season when plants are up and blooming. Many home owners are hesitant to work on their drains when their landscaping is at its fullest.

We can help. Thanks to modern plumbing technology, in many cases it is possible to clean, and repair drain tiles without extensive digging. The heart of the process is a fiber optic camera that allows us to view the inside of the drain in real-time video, or to record the footage allowing us to enlarge and examine portions of it far more closely than would be possible with the naked eye. A powered auger can be used to clean out obstructions. Depending upon the attachments used, it can clear dirt, general debris or tree roots. Finally, there is the process of replacing damaged tiles. “Tile” is really an old term because most modern drains use corrugated plastic piping instead of clay or concrete. It is flexible, and can be installed inside an old cavity by first collapsing it, then dragging it through the space, and finally expanding it to cover the damaged area.

Call (604) 945-6060 for an appointment with High Mark Plumbing where we will be pleased to help with your drain repair in Oakridge Vancouver BC. Our certified, licensed field technicians can quickly assess your needs, and will use the latest technology to limit digging, facilitate processes, and get your drains in shape for the next rainy season. We are prepared to assist with emergency services at any time any day of the year, and are very happy to help with scheduled maintenance visits for all your plumbing needs.