Drainage Dilemma

drain cleaning in Coquitlam.You know it if it’s happened to you. You flush the toilet and it gurgles. Water pools at your feet while you’re in the shower. Dishwasher water backs up into the kitchen sink. These unexpected and unwelcome issues signify a much bigger problem. There is a drain blockage somewhere in or around your home.  It’s time for drain cleaning in Coquitlam.

Stop these problems before they get worse with drain cleaning service from the professionals at High Mark Plumbing. Clogged, slow drains are often a result of drain or sewer back-up or blockage, broken clay or concrete sewer lines, broken or burst pipes, tree roots that have invaded pipes or offset pipes.

We have several methods to solve your drainage dilemma:

  • A closet auger is about 3 feet long with a bent tip. This is often used to clear blockages from the toilet trap.
  • A drain auger or “snake” can be up to 25 feet long. It is a flexible steel cable that winds like a corkscrew either manually or powered to latch onto a clog and loosen it.
  • A hydro-jet shoots pressurized water at clogs to destroy them.
  • A flexible rod has a small camera mounted on the end. It is fed through a pipe and images are transferred to a screen outside the pipe. This has become very popular when all other methods are unsuccessful.

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