Emergency Plumbing in Arbutus Vancouver BC

emergency plumbing in Arbutus Vancouver BC

High Mark Plumbing is ready to help with your emergency plumbing in Arbutus Vancouver BC. Vancouver has an amazing water system and is constantly working to make it better. Each day, according to the City of Vancouver website, more than 360-million liters of water is delivered throughout the city.

The City of Vancouver uses a variety of strategies to prevent homes and businesses from flooding. Sometimes, however, something will break and problems will ensue. Signs that something has gone wrong include water bubbling up through your lawn or a crack in the street. Basement toilets backing up and overflowing are another sign. When this occurs, you can sometimes quickly locate the problem and the solution might be a quick DIY fix. Often, however, you will need a professional plumber to mend the problem. That’s where we come in. Should the problem turn out to be caused by the city’s infrastructure, you can call 3-1-1 to report it. This helps the city engineers trace the leak and allows them to repair it quickly. Catching problems early is beneficial to the entire city system since it prevents small difficulties from becoming large ones. This is true of your home plumbing, as well. It is far easier to fix a small leak when it first develops than it is to repair the damage that can be created by faulty plumbing.

High Mark Plumbing is ready to help with your emergency plumbing in Arbutus Vancouver BC, we can be reached at (604)945-6060. While it would be nice if plumbing emergencies happened during business hours, we know that sometimes they don’t. We are, therefore, available after hours and weekends for those plumbing emergencies that really can’t wait until later. We are always glad to work with you to keep your home plumbing in good repair.