Emergency Plumbing in Coquitlam

Emergency Plumbing in CoquitlamHigh Mark Plumbing can help with your emergency plumbing in Coquitlam. Such repairs can be needed unexpectedly or they can result from un-noticed situations that have gone on for a while – and that suddenly develop into disaster.

Plumbing is, of the most part, a passive part of your home systems. It supplies water or gas to other systems, such as those used for heating or cleaning, or it carries away waste. When functioning correctly, it usually remains in the background. However, plumbing depends upon pipes, and pipes can develop leaks. Sometimes these leaks are simply an inconvenience; but at other times, they can be unhealthful or even extremely dangerous. A leaky faucet or a toilet that doesn’t flush properly are immediately noticed. But there are other things that can cause problems. For example, a slow leak that is inside a wall or in an upstairs floor can weaken structural supports or can create mold. Mold can create slowly developing breathing problems for people who are living with it. A gas leak is, of course, extremely dangerous.  The moment you or a family member smells gas, evacuate the building and call your utility company, a plumber or even the fire department from a location outside your home, such as by using a cell phone or a neighbor’s phone. On no account should anyone ever try to deal with such a situation without safety gear.

High Mark Plumbing reminds our customers that we are available to help with emergency plumbing in Coquitlam. Just call us at (604)945-6060 should you discover an immediate emergency or a slowly developing situation. The more quickly a problem can be repaired the least amount of damage can be expected from it. When it comes to plumbing the old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine,” is extremely applicable to plumbing.