Emergency Plumbing in Maple Ridge

Emergency Plumbing in Maple RidgeHigh Mark Plumbing is available for emergency plumbing in Maple Ridge. We know that burst pipes, gas leaks, and similar events are not things that can be ignored.

In the event of a major emergency, the first step is to get everyone out of the building – particularly if gas or electricity is involved. Next, from a cell phone or a neighbor’s phone call the local fire department and call us. That will enable quickly securing the site, and possibly get the problem shut down before it can turn into a deadly situation. Gas is particularly tricky as it can be ignited by simple things such as a pilot light, a cigarette or a sparking electrical wire. Electricity and water, however, do not go well together. Water can cause old, poorly insulated or mouse nibbled electrical lines to short out. Never enter a flooded basement or similar area where the water can flow over an electrical outlet. We not only have licensed, highly qualified plumbers, we also have certified electricians on our staff, along with heating and air conditioning technicians. For lesser emergencies, such as a furnace or air conditioner that has stopped working, or a burst water pipe, we have everything you need.

High Mark Plumbing is available for emergency plumbing in Maple Ridge, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, just call (604)945-6060. We know that emergencies are rarely polite enough to occur during normal business hours. Our neighbors and customers are important to us, so we are glad to hurry to your location in the event of an emergency. We also make timely house calls in situations that, while not life threatening, can make your home or business uncomfortable.