Enjoy Reliable Plumbing after Drain Cleaning in Vancouver

Highmark Plumbing would like to help our customers enjoy reliable plumbing after drain cleaning in Vancouver. We know that there are not too many things that are more frustrating than a backed up sink, bathtub or toilet. Slow drains are only marginally better.

Drain Cleaning in Vancouver

Even drains in a well-plumbed house can sometimes develop problems. Tree roots can invade large drain pipes. Grease or minute food particles can get into drains. Minerals and sludge that occur naturally in water can create deposits inside pipes. Sometimes, drains get an extra challenge from the junior members of a family – especially the ones young enough to have just discovered the flush toilet. Toys, pincushions, or large wads of toilet paper can create more challenge than your plumbing system can manage. Fortunately, modern drain cleaning equipment can handle all of those things and more. While it can be embarrassing to discover that onion skins are a challenge for your kitchen garbage disposal or that your two-year-old tried to flush a sawdust-stuffed strawberry pincushion down the commode, these are problems that can be easily corrected. Tree roots and calcification can also be corrected. In a few rare instances, a collapsed or broken drain tile might need to be replaced.

If your drains have slowed down to a trickle or if you have one or more drains that are completely backed up, don’t hesitate to give Highmark Plumbing a call at (604)945-6060. Our friendly and knowledgeable plumbers might not be able to make all your troubles go down the drain, but they can make your drains behave the way they should. We understand that you should be able to enjoy reliable plumbing after drain cleaning in Vancouver, and we will do our best to make that happen for you.