Experienced Drain Tile Repair in Coquitlam

drain tile repair in CoquitlamDrain tile is the series of perforated pipes that are laid on gravel in a trench from 8-12 inches deep that is placed beside the footing of a building’s foundation to ensure proper drainage away from the structure. When water begins to seep or flood into a home or office due to the build up of pressure, it is time to schedule your drain tile repair in Coquitlam.

The easiest access to drain tile is through the lowest level of a home, usually the basement, even a finished one. Repair can be made in a straightforward manner with little mess and inconvenience. It is possible to restore drain tile from outside, but keep in mind that there may be significant disarray as developed landscape and shrubbery, gardens, sidewalks, patios and driveways may be impacted.

There are no short cuts to proper installation and repair of drain tile. It is important to complete the job right the first time so that further damage is not incurred during repair or at a later date. Careful evaluation of the situation, both inside and out, is crucial for effective renovation.

For inquiries about drain tile in general or to make an appointment for a thorough and accurate assessment of your individual drainage situation, call the knowledgeable and experienced plumbers at High Mark Plumbing at (604) 678-9440. Our services include both installation and replacement and we offer 24 hour service for your convenience. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our affordable and reliable drain tile repair in Coquitlam.