Expert Sewer Main Cleaning In Vancouver

Routine home maintenance is not at the top of homeowners’ “fun” to-do list. However, periodically ensuring that everything is fully functional can save you money, aggravation, and time. One aspect of your home’s inner workings that should be regularly inspected is your sewer main. An appointment for sewer main cleaning in Vancouver on a routine basis is a must to remove debris that could accumulate and cause a blockage. Waiting until you experience a backup can lead to expensive repairs and a potentially unlivable home for a while.

Keep your sewer main clear by following these six valuable tips:

  1. Never plant new trees or shrubs near sewer lines, as they can crush them over time.
  2. Only flush toilet tissue in the commodes. Feminine hygiene products, toys, paper towels, etc., will lead to clogs.
  3. Grease and cooking oil should be disposed of in a container in the trash can instead of down the drain.
  4. Older sewer lines are more susceptible to root intrusion. Consider replacing them with strong plastic pipes before you experience a problem.
  5. Chemical drain cleaners are too harsh for your pipes. Opt instead for a non-toxic enzymatic cleaner every month.
  6. Schedule an appointment at least once a year – twice is better – for cleaning the pipes.

If your drain does become congested, you have a sewer line backup or another plumbing issue, we encourage you to contact our experienced team at High Mark Plumbing at (604) 678-1650. We offer convenient 24/7 emergency service and will be glad to help get your plumbing working efficiently again. Book your appointment for sewer main cleaning in Vancouver today and mark this item off your home maintenance checklist.