Expert Water Heater Installation in Chestermere, Calgary, AB

Expert Water Heater Installation in Chestermere, Calgary, ABIt can be a rude awakening early in the morning when your long, hot shower is icy cold or even just lukewarm. It’s possible that your hot water tank has developed a leak, or it may have stopped working entirely. Replacement is likely necessary. Contact a professional plumber for expert removal and water heater installation in Chestermere.

Water heaters usually last between 8-12 years. If your unit needs to be replaced, you should get the same type of tank that you currently have, whether electric or gas. You should choose an efficient water heater that is large enough to handle you hot water needs without being too big for your family. For a family of four who uses two showers daily, a 65-gallon unit should suffice.  A plumber can offer additional advice on the subject. The label on your old unit can give you an idea of cost of operation.

Removal of the old water heater is straightforward. Power or gas is turned off via the cut-off valve. The water supply is also turned off while turning on all the hot water faucets in the home. A garden hose or other implement completely drains the tank. The water heater connector hoses must be severed or unscrewed. The tank is then taken out and the area where the new tank will go cleaned.

The new heater is put in place and pipes are connected. The hot water faucets should still be open when you turn on the water supply. Water should flow for a minute or so before turning the faucets off. Wires can be reconnected. Wait for the water to heat.

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