Get Help From Professional Plumbers in Vancouver

Ready for Your Water Heater Repair in SurreyHigh Mark Plumbing would like to discuss with our customers and others what it takes to qualify as plumbers in Vancouver. Plumbing might look like something simple, but it can also be complex. It takes training and hands-on practice to become an excellent plumber.

To do plumbing work in Vancouver, unless it is on your own home, you must be one of two things: a plumber with a British Columbia’s qualification certification, or be an apprentice supervised by a journeyman plumber with certification. You must apply for a permit to do the necessary work. If you are the home owner, you might need to prove that you can complete the task satisfactorily. More than once, a licensed plumber has been called in to complete a job that a home-owner has started, only to find that the task is more than they can handle. Plumbing is a type of pipe fitting and can sometimes encompass setting up for gas. To complete work for hire in this capacity, a Class A or Class B gas fitter’s license is required, and the person should also be employed by a licensed contractor. High Mark Plumbing takes pride in having highly qualified plumbers as part of our team.

Our team is ready to be your plumbers in Vancouver, you can reach us at (604)945-6060 if you need plumbing at your home or business. We make it our goal to keep in touch with the latest in industry standards and to make excellence our goal at every job. We know that your home or business is important to you, and therefore, it is important to us. Plumbing might not be complicated, but it does require paying attention to those small details that make all the difference in displaying professionalism.