Get Help When You Need Drain Tile Repair in Chestermere

Chestermere drain tile repair

High Mark Plumbing is prepared to help with your Chestermere drain tile repair Drain tiles are used to direct groundwater from areas where it is not wanted, such as around foundations or basement walls, or in areas where people work or play. Drain tiles can also help redirect standing water, which cuts down on the breeding grounds for mosquitos.

Time or unfortunate events can damage drain tiles. The tiles might be round or square in shape and can be made from clay, concrete, PVC, or corrugated plastic tubing. The tiles usually have slotted holes to allow water to seep into the drain, where it can be directed to a storm drain or at least away from your home. They are all relatively durable, but like most building materials can be damaged – either by the simple ravages of time or by someone driving over them or digging into them. When these events happen, the tiles need to be replaced. By using digital camera technology, we can take pictures of the damaged area and pinpoint exactly how much damage has been done and pinpoint the area which will require replacement. Since drain tiles function best when kept free of vegetation, it should be easy to locate the problem area and replace it appropriately.

High Mark Plumbing, reachable at (403)407-5750, can help with your Chestermere drain tile repair. Our modern plumbing technology will help us to minimize digging and to make any necessary repairs efficiently. We will be able to quickly determine whether the damage is only to one small area, or whether it involves a much larger portion of your drain tile system. We understand that your drain tiles provide a vital function to your home.