Get Help With Your Plumbing Emergency In Port Coquitlam

Get Help With Your Plumbing Emergency In Port Coquitlam

When you find yourself in need of emergency plumbing repair in Port Coquitlam and not sure who to call, the team at High Mark Plumbing is ready to help – 24/7 – when you need it.

Common plumbing emergencies include:

If you have a pluming problem,  you may be experiencing any of these issues:

  • A backed-up toilet. Not only an inconvenience, but this could also become more serious if not addressed quickly.
  • A clogged bathtub, shower, or sink drain. If it drains slowly, this is not necessarily a crisis, but it should be taken care of soon so that it does not become more serious.
  • Water heater leak. This could cause additional expense for heating water and damage floors.
  • Toilet and faucet leaks. Dripping is not just annoying but can cause higher water bills, rust, and mold growth.
  • Lack of hot water. It’s wise to ensure that there isn’t a serious issue with the tank.
  • Water lines that are cracked or broken from tree roots, digging or the soil shifting can lead to low water pressure, a soggy landscape, and poor water quality.
  • Frozen and burst pipes. You may need a pipe replacement.
  • Washing machine hoses that break or leak. Quick repair or replacement can avert major problems.
  • Backup in the sewer system. You may notice a strong sewage odor from the drains, gurgling toilets, several clogged drains at once, or water puddling around the drain in the basement floor.

Plumbing should work as it was designed to do. However, problems can and do happen periodically, often when it is most inconvenient. Contact High Mark Plumbing at (604) 678-1650 to schedule service for emergency plumbing in Port Coquitlam no matter what day or time you need it.