Get Professional Boiler Repair In Airdrie


Get Professional Boiler Repair In AirdrieIf you use a boiler for home or commercial heating, you have one of the most dependable and durable heating sources around. This type of heating system has fewer moving parts, so breakdowns are less likely. However, nothing is indestructible. Sometimes things do go wrong that necessitate professional intervention. Most noises coming from the boiler are reasonable, but there are some sounds that may signal a problem. For questions about boiler operation or if you need boiler repair in Airdrie, call the technicians at High Mark Plumbing.

A rumbling sound or “kettling” coming from the boiler indicates a serious issue. Mineral deposits accumulate on the inside of the boiler’s heat exchanger when hard water runs through it over time. As the water goes through the heat exchanger, minerals build up on the walls. Ultimately, the buildup obstructs or totally blocks water flow. The water in the pipe evaporates, converts to steam and causes excessive pressure on the heat exchanger. This is what makes the rumbling sound. Shut off the boiler and phone your plumber as soon as possible.

You may sometimes hear a gurgling sound in the pipes connected to the boiler. Along with the noise, you may experience uneven heat or no heat at all, depending on the design of the heating system. Air bubbles in the pipes impede the efficient flow of water and reduce the boiler’s ability to heat the way it should. Your HVAC technician will remove the air from the system, which reestablishes even flow and eliminates the noises.

If you hear strange noises emanating from your boiler, contact High Mark Plumbing at (403) 407-5750 to make an appointment for boiler repair in Airdrie.