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plumbing near Calgary

If you live in Calgary, you know the importance of keeping plumbing repairs low profile. High Mark Plumbing can provide discreet plumbing near Calgary. Thanks to modern technology, plumbing repairs can often be managed without extensive digging or disturbances to the neighborhood.

One of the best items to come to plumbing through modern technology is a miniature camera on a powered line – not unlike the line used to “snake” down into a toilet or clogged drain. These tiny cameras can film the interior of pipes, allowing plumbers to locate and determine the cause of clogs or leaks. Armed with specific knowledge of exactly what is going on inside a pipe, it is easy to make a decision as to the best remedy. Your plumber can quickly decide whether the pipe should be repaired or replaced. In some situations, a flexible pipe can be pulled inside the old one and then allowed to expand. This is a practical way to fix small cracks or leaks. If the camera records large numbers of roots in the pipe, then a rotating cutter can be sent through the line on that same flexible power line.

Modern technology has given us a lot of crazy things – fidget spinners, fat red birds fighting pigs, and one-liners from Twitter. But it has given us some valuable things – such as tiny cameras that can look into plumbing pipes. Call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750 for your plumbing near Calgary and to learn more about how technology can make it easier to repair and maintain your plumbing system. Plumbing is an important part of our modern world, and works best when it can function without interfering with other parts of it – such as your beautiful landscaping.