Get Reliable Sewer Main Replacement in Arbour Lake

Get Reliable Sewer Main Replacement in Arbour Lake

Do you need an expert plumbing service that can provide you with sewer main replacement in Arbour Lake? High Mark Plumbing offers a variety of sewer main services, including cleaning, repair, replacement, and much more. Whatever your plumbing needs, our team is confident that we can handle the job right the first time.

Wondering if there might be something going on with your sewer main in between routine maintenance? Here are the main signs to look out for before you call your plumber:

Bubbling toilets

When toilets bubble when the nearby sink is used, this is a common indicator of an issue with the sewer line. This could either be a venting issue in your pipes or a clogged that’s causing water to drain too slowly. You may also hear gurgling noises or see water rising and falling in the toilet bowl. If left unchecked for too long, the toilet can back up into your home, and you can have issues with flushing. Be sure to call a plumber right away if you notice these issues with your toilets.

Smelly puddles in your yard

If you noticed multiple stinky, dirty pools in your backyard, there might be an issue with your sewer main. They won’t look like normal puddles, and you’ll notice a distinct odor of sewage that’s very potent. The most likely cause is that there is a break leading to wastewater seeping out into your surface and pooling there. Make sure that you and your children and pets avoid these puddles, and call a plumber right away. This is not something that can be fixed with a DIY solution and requires a skilled professional to diagnose and fix the issue quickly.

All of the drains are slow

Are you noticing that all of the drains in your house are draining slowly? If it’s one drain, it’s generally because of a small clog, but if every drain is affected, the sewer line may be the source of the issue. You may also hear gurgling when water is draining that can indicate that this is the issue. This is most likely from a clog in the sewer line and cannot be fixed with commercial drain cleaners that you can buy at the store. Skip buying the drain cleaner and call a plumber so they can fix the sewer line for you.

If you need a company that provides sewer main replacement in Arbour Lake and other plumbing services, High Mark Plumbing is only a phone call away. For more information about the services that we offer, or to get an estimate for your plumbing repair needs, give us a call today at (403) 407-5750.