Get The Job Done Right With Expert Boiler Repair In Northeast Calgary


Get The Job Done Right With Expert Boiler Repair In Northeast CalgaryThe boiler at your home or business is one of the strongest and most dependable heating sources available. There are fewer moving parts to break down, unlike some other heating systems. However, a boiler is not indestructible. Things can and do happen that require service from a professional. Some boiler noises are a normal part of the operation and some necessitate calling a technician. Whatever the case, you can rely on the team at High Mark Plumbing for boiler repair in Northeast Calgary.

A rumbling noise in the boiler is also known as “kettling.” This is a serious problem resulting from the accumulation of mineral deposits on the interior of the boiler’s heat exchanger. Deposits form from water with a lot of minerals in it (hard water) that runs through the system over several years’ time. When water travels through the heat exchanger, minerals build up on pipe walls. Eventually, there is enough mineral buildup that limits or completely blocks water flow through this component of the boiler. Water evaporates in the pipe, turns into steam and leads to extreme pressure on the heat exchanger. This is the cause of the rumbling sound. Turn off the boiler and call your plumber right away.

A gurgling sound can sometimes be heard in the pipes that connect to the boiler. Accompanying the noise is uneven heating or no heating at all, depending on how the heating system is designed. Air bubbles in the pipes hamper the smooth flow of water and decrease the boiler’s ability to heat sufficiently. Your HVAC tech will drain the air from the system, which will restore even flow and leave no noises.

If you hear unusual noises coming from your boiler, contact High Mark Plumbing at (403) 407-5750 to schedule an appointment for boiler repair in Northeast Calgary.