Grandview Vancouver BC Sewer Main Replacement

Grandview Vancouver B.C. sewer main replacement

High Mark Plumbing has your Grandview Vancouver B.C. sewer main replacement. Sewer mains come in two types: the large city mains, which connect households and businesses to a wastewater processing plant, and the main that runs from that large central sewer main to homes or businesses. Maintaining sewer mains in good condition is important for your home, your business, and the general environment.

Replacing sewer mains once required extensive digging. However, with modern equipment, it is possible to maintain, clean, repair and even replace a home or business sewer without disturbing your landscaping. The way that this is done is to dig an access hole near the intake main and then to dig another access hole near the place where the sewer main the hooks to the home or business service. Before any digging is done, of course, it is essential to check with local utility companies to determine the location of existing buried utilities such as the water main, electricity, cable television, and all manner of other things that might be the buried. With those utilities located, the next to do is to plot a course between the sewer main intake to the main sewer main and the access point to at the building. Once that is determined, it is possible to use and auger to drill a hole between these two points, and to haul a line through that hole. A flexible sewer main lining is then attached to the line and pulled through the hole that has just been made. Once the line is pulled through the hole, then all that remains is to add a few hardware pieces to each end and to attach the sewer main line at the house and at the primary sewer main at the street.

High Mark Plumbing, has your Grandview Vancouver B.C. sewer main replacement, just call (604)945-6060 to learn more about how we can help install your new sewer line. Modern technology has made this once difficult process easy, fast, and economical. It is a great boon to your landscaping to be able to employ this simple method.