Heating Service Dunbar Vancouver BC

High Mark Plumbing Service can manage your heating service in Dunbar Vancouver BC. That might seem an odd sort of thing for a plumbing company, but plumbing and heating is closely allied.

Gas heating requires bringing gas into your home using pipes. By definition, anything that comes into your home via a pipe requires a plumber. Gas, in particular, needs a licensed, certified installer. Water heaters, hot water tanks, and boilers all are closely related in that they require a heater and well-joined pipes that keep the hot water or steam flowing correctly – to say nothing of needing reliable safety valves and overflow pipes. Some of the newer water heaters and boilers are heated using heat pumps, and can work with your heating and cooling system. Which brings us to radiant heating systems which certainly use pipes and require some skill to install correctly. Did we mention gas furnaces? All of these things are connected with plumbing, and we have the licensed certified field team with the experience and expertise to easily handle all of these things and more besides. We are available for installations, maintenance, and for those Uh-Oh emergency repairs that always seem to happen at the very worst times.

High Mark Plumbing Service can manage your heating service in Dunbar Vancouver BC, call (604)945-6060 to learn more about how a plumbing company can help with your heating service needs. We are only as far away as the telephone at any time of night or day, any day of the week. We know that emergency repairs always seem to be required at the very worst sort of times. For regularly scheduled maintenance visits and planned installations, someone is available to take your call and to help you with your planning.