Help with Your Drain Cleaning Burnaby

High Mark Plumbing is ready to help with your drain cleaning Burnaby. Drains are like the arteries in a house. They carry away the used water and the household waste so that it can be deposited in a sanitary facility away from the house.

Drain Cleaning Burnaby



Like arteries, drains can develop a buildup of materials on their insides. Oil, particles of food and other materials can cling to the insides of drains. In addition, drain pipes can be invaded by tree roots. Trees, seeking the moisture in the drains, send rootlets to find cracks or joints in the drains and fill up the cavity with growing roots. Fortunately, modern plumbers have a number of tools at hand that can help with drain cleaning. They can use a camera attached to a cable to look down the pipes to find the obstruction without having to dig them up. A metal tool, sometimes referred to as a snake, can then be run down the pipe to scrape away debris and encourage it to wash on down the drain. Occasionally, a section of pipe might be broken. In that case, and new pipe can be slid inside the old one to replace the damaged part thus restoring it to its correct function.

High Mark Plumbing has the tools and expertise to help with your drain cleaning Burnaby. We can inspect, locate clogs and clear tree roots – usually without the need to dig. No one loves having to dig up drain pipes – especially in winter. Give us a call at (604)945-6060 to let us help you with your drains. We know how vital they are to the smooth operation of your home utility system.