Help with Your Drain Cleaning in Burnaby

Help with Your Drain Cleaning in BurnabyHigh Mark Plumbing can help with your drain cleaning in Burnaby. We know that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to wash dishes, take a show or even flush the toilet, only to discover that it is not draining correctly.

Drain cleaning can take many forms. It can start with removing a simple clog from the trap in your kitchen sink, to clearing out tree roots from the big drain that exits your house or even repairing broken or crushed drain pipes. One of the most wonderful modern devices to help with this is a camera that can be run on a flexible line down into the drain to get a good look at the obstruction. Often, all that is then needed is to run another device – often referred to as a “snake” down through the line to clear out the problem. Sometimes, however, the drain is broken and will require mending or replacement. Modern science again comes to the rescue with a borer on the end of a flexible line that can burrow through dirt and tree roots. Once the hole has been created, a flexible tube can be pulled through the space that has been created. Very little digging is required – usually at an entry and an exit point in the drain line. In fact, a whole new line can be put in this way.

High Mark Plumbing can help with your drain cleaning in Burnaby, just give us a call at (604)945-6060 to have our team take a look at the problem. Modern technology has created new and improved ways to get your drains cleaned and to take care of them after they are clear. We will be more than glad to help.