Help With Your Sewer Main Cleaning In Cochrane, Calgary, AB

High Mark Plumbing can help with your sewer main cleaning in Cochrane, Calgary, AB. Cleaning sewer mains increases the efficiency of your plumbing system, preventing backflow and blockages. Signs that your sewer mains might need to be cleaned include water backing up from one drain into another, slow flushes, or flush toilet overflow.

The causes for sewer main blockages are many. Some are immediate – toys flushed down the commode, for example, or an amateur house painter pouring paint down the drain, which is not an approved disposal method. Others are due to long, slow buildup of materials that have gone down the drain and slowly built up layers on the inside of the sewer pipes, somewhat like arterial plaque in human arteries. Sometimes the clogs are caused by people who should surely know better. A woman whose home was being renovated tells of a mysterious toilet clog while the workers were in her home working on wall plastering. The plumber who was called to the scene discovered that the clog was caused by pouring buckets of water soiled by the plaster down the downstairs bathroom commode! You can be that situation required running a plumbing “snake”, which is a rotating clean-out tool, down the sewer lines to clear out the plaster. Of course, to add insult to injury, the crew had also used the bathroom for its normal function and masses of toilet paper and other things were mixed with the plaster clog.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (403) 407-5750 for your sewer main cleaning in Cochrane, Calgary AB. We are available to address all of your plumbing needs, including professional sewer main inspections and cleaning. Whether your sewer lines just need a little touch-up – easily done with a water jet treatment, or whether it has developed a massive clog for any reason, we are glad to help.