High Mark Plumbing: Maintaining Your Laundry Room Plumbing

Many homeowners discount the possibility of potential plumbing problems in the laundry room. We worry about the appliances (washer and dryer), forgetting about the plumbing system until something goes terribly wrong. Because there are hot and cold water supply lines to the washing machine and utility tub, and drain lines from each, there most certainly is potential for plumbing problems – as the Vancouver Plumbing Experts at High Mark Plumbing well know!


  • Only run your washing machine when there is a full load of laundry
  • Inspection of the hot and cold water supply hoses on a regular basis for signs of dry-rot and replace as indicated.
  • Inspect all drains (washing machine, utility tub, floor drains) on a regular basis for hair, soap and other clog forming debris – clean as indicated.
  • Inspect any exposed pipes under the utility tub (or other sinks, if applicable) for leaks – repair or replace as indicated.
  • Clean any drain strainers on a regular basis to assure free flow of waste water.


  • Replace your washing machine’s rubber hoses with stainless steel braided hoses. The braided hoses are more durable, which makes them resistant to dry-rot.
  • Install strainers in every drain to prevent clogs. Your Vancouver area Plumbers can help determine your strainer needs and install the strainers on the washer drain line.
  • By maintaining your water heater, and moderating the set temperature no higher than 120•F, you will save money on energy costs when doing laundry.
  • Wash all clothing in cold water to reduce energy bills even further.
  • If you do not use your washer or utility tub for extended periods of time, be sure to maintain the trap seal by pouring at least one gallon of water down the drain on a regular basis. This will prevent sewer gases from escaping the DWV system of your plumbing.
  • Install a flood alarm to alert you of burst hoses or sink overflows.
  • Consider replacing old appliances to reduce energy costs even further.