High Mark Plumbing Offers Affordable Drain Cleaning Services

Vancouver-drain-cleaningThe Vancouver Drain Cleaning company customers look to for the best service in the Vancouver area is High Mark Plumbing. With more than one hundred years of combined experience, we make sure the work is always done right!

If you have a slow drain or one that is completely clogged, call us at High Mark Plumbing. We’ll be there as quickly as possible and restore the flow in one appointment. Our reliable service professionals have the experience it takes to diagnose and repair all of your drain issues including line blockage and back-up, broken and burst sewer lines and pipes, damage from intruding root systems, and offset pipes.

At High Mark Plumbing we’re proud of our ability to open any drain that is clogged. We’ll inspect and clean your pipes and get them running properly in no time. We have an extensive list of techniques and equipment on hand to help us get the work done fast including augers, hydro jetting, snakes, cameras and comprehensive replacement.

Our hydro jetting process works well to clear debris blockages from your pipes. Our expert technicians use water pressure to resolve the problem, forcing the blockages out through the system. Special heads that are connected to pressure hoses, force the water and the debris through the pipes. The technicians have the ability to regulate the pressure of the water in order to safely remove the blockage without damaging your system.

Call us today for all of your drain cleaning needs. We’re committed to giving you the best service possible at the most affordable prices. For the best Vancouver Drain Cleaning service in the area, you’ve come to the right place at High Mark Plumbing. We’ll schedule your appointment as quickly as possible with a time that fits into your busy day.  You can call us at 604-678-9440 or by clicking here.