Hire The Best For Trenchless Water Main Repair In Richmond

Hire The Best For Trenchless Water Main Repair In Richmond

If you’re having problems with your water line, it’s not only inconvenient but could become unsafe for you and your family, as well. You may think about putting off replacement or repair because of the potential cost and having your yard destroyed in the process. However, delaying restoration work could cause even more difficulty, health risks, and expense. Opting for trenchless water main repair in Richmond solves both problems.

There are several benefits to utilizing trenchless water main repair. Here are just three:

  1. Trenchless technology is more environmentally-friendly and is safer for the health of your family than traditional water main restoration. Everyone is exposed to fewer noxious gases because there are usually only two small holes necessary to make repairs rather than tearing up an entire section of your property.
  2. Because the new pipe is rated to last up to 50 years or more, you will likely never have to worry about pipe problems again during your lifetime.
  3. This technology is efficient in that it saves both time and money. Completion time is generally only a few hours, compared to a few days with traditional line replacement. There is less noise and less mess involved.

Choosing the trenchless method of repairing your water main makes good economic and environmental sense. When your water pipe is damaged, you don’t want to have to deal with redoing the landscaping or resurfacing the driveway, too.

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