Hire The Experts When You Need Drain Cleaning In Richmond

Hire The Experts When You Need Drain Cleaning In Richmond

No matter how much you monitor your household drains, there are bound to be times when you have a clog. One of the biggest problems is hair. While this is not too common in the kitchen sink, your bathroom tubs, showers and sinks often suffer from this issue quite frequently due to the nature of their use. A mat of hair in the drain is difficult to remove with a plunger or a drain snake so you will need to call a professional for drain cleaning in Richmond for this problem.

There are a few ways you can try to stop hair (and other) clogs before they start. One is by using a cover over the drain. An open drain is just asking for something to fall in it (wedding rings are regular victims). You can buy a simple mesh cover from the hardware store to put over the drain. As well as corralling hair, it will also trap small items and soap scum. It is important to clean the drain cover on a regular basis!

A drain screen sits down in the drain and is not immediately visible. They are a little more complicated to install but your plumber will be happy to do this for you.

Users can also comb or brush their hair before getting in the shower and take care to pick up loose hairs around the drain while in the shower.

These simple precautions can keep a lot of hair from clogging up your bathroom drains. If you do experience a blockage, however, call the pros at High Mark Plumbing at (604) 678-1650. We can handle your drain cleaning in Richmond, no matter what the source of the blockage.