History of Water Main Replacement in Richmond

At High Mark Plumbing we have been reviewing some recent history of water main replacement in Richmond. January 15, 2015, a two-foot water main in Richmond, Virginia, burst. Local authorities noted that while the actual cause was unknown, it was likely that the problem was aging cast-iron pipes for which the city had scheduled replacement – at the rate of about ten to fifteen miles per year.

Water Main Replacement in Richmond

Richmond in British Columbia shares a similar problem, as do many cities where the water mains were installed prior to the 1960s. In 2015, Richmond, BC, had scheduled repairs and replacements in the Lockhart Road, Beecham Road and Marrington Road areas. You can view the work site areas by going to the Road Works Map on the City of Richmond, City Services website. This gives a quick visual of disrupted traffic flow due to water main work. When the process is reviewed, it is easy to see why it disrupts traffic flow. First the workers must cut through the paved street. Next they dig up the pipe, then replace the broken, damaged or aged pipe with newer, more flexible PVC pipe. Then they back fill the hole created to enable the work, and, finally, the street gets repaved. Meanwhile, the street, or a portion of it, has to be cordoned off in order for the workers to proceed safely and to keep traffic from driving into open ditches.

High Mark Plumbing, after reviewing recent history of water main replacement in Richmond – both in Virginia and in British Columbia – reminds our local residents to be patient with the workers, and to help them go home safely by driving cautiously near construction. If your home water main needs attention, please call us at (604)945-6060.