Hot Water Heaters in Langley

hot water heaters in LangleyThe hot water heaters available in today’s market are likely quite different from the types that were on hand when you were a child. There are actually quite a number of factors to consider when determining the purchase of hot water heaters in Langley in advance of selecting the correct system for your requirements.

There are five distinct and specific models of hot water heater from which to choose, including:

  • Conventional – A large cylindrical storage tank heats the amount of water in the tank and is available for use until the water is depleted. This unit has been around for decades.
  • Tankless – A newer and more energy efficient model, the tankless hot water heater heats water only as required.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters – This heater moves heat to where it is needed for a number of purposes, not simply to just heat water.
  • Solar – The power and heat of the sun supplies needed heat through solar panels imbedded in a roof or other area.
  • Tankless Coil or Indirect – Space heating systems heat water.

Also important in a hot water heater decision are the type of fuel that is used, the cost of the unit itself and of operation, the size of the system in proportion to the size of the structure and energy efficiency.

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