How You Can Save $$$ With A Oil Boiler Retrofit

With oil prices climbing seemingly every day, if your home is heated with an oil fired boiler, there are steps you can take to reduce fuel consumption. With a Burnaby Oil-Fired Boiler Retrofit, you could save up to 20% on your annual oil bill. Money saving retrofits include:

Vent (Flue) Dampers

Designed to close when your oil-fired boiler is not firing, a vent (flue) damper eliminates heat loss through the vent. Keeping in mind that a vent damper is more efficient on larger boilers and steam boilers benefit more than hot-water boilers. Generally speaking, new boilers, properly sized will not benefit from a vent damper.

Barometric Flue (Vent) Damper

By having your technician perform a draft test at your next annual Burnaby Boiler Service, you can determine if too much heat is being lost through the chimney. One solution to too much air in the combustion mixture is a barometric flue damper. Typically a “Tee” that retrofits between the boiler and the chimney. There is a weight controlled door on the face of the tee.  Installing a barometric flue damper can save up to 5% on fuel.

De-rate Oil Burners

If the burner in your boiler is oversized for your use, downsizing the burner could be an option. Sometimes, installing a smaller nozzle will reduce the capacity enough to save up to 10% in your annual fuel bill.

If the burner, on the other hand, is old and inefficient, the best course of action may  be to replace the entire burner. Investing the extra money in a flame retention burner can save up to 20% on your annual fuel bill!

Derating an oil burner is most effective for hot water boilers. It is essential that if you are considering this retrofit for a steam producing oil boiler, that the entire system be modified. Excess radiators must be removed from the heating cycle to accommodate  the reduced steam flow. In either case, the services of Burnaby Oil Fired Boiler Retrofits is in order.

Modulating Aquastat

A modulating aquastat is for use on hot water boilers only. By adjusting the temperature of the water depending on ambient temperature, you can save up to 10% on annual fuel bills.

The set point for a modulating aquastat in winter is usually around 180°F. In warmer months (as sensed by the outdoor component), the temperature of the water is reduced to about 120°F. Alternatively, you can manually adjust the water temperature at the boiler according to ambient air temperature.

Time-Delay Relay

Another retrofit for hot water boilers only, the time-delay relay allows the hot water sitting in your pipes to circulate to the heater before the boiler fires up. When the thermostat calls for heat, the boiler will circulate the existing hot water before firing up. The time-delay is preset at the relay. This retrofit can save as much as 10% on annual fuel bills.

Schedule an Inspection

To have your heat system fully analyzed for the most cost effective retrofits, call Burnaby Oil Fired Boiler Service & Repair. It is strongly recommended that all retrofits be performed by a certified technician!