Importance of Drain Cleaning in Signal Hill

Drain Cleaning in Signal Hill

We are in the head of winter now, but soon spring will break through. At High Mark Plumbing, we think of it as being the time when we can start planning spring cleaning events – especially your Signal Hill drain cleaning.

Drains come in all sorts and descriptions, but the important one we are talking about here is the drain tiles that pull water away from the foundation of your home, moving it toward the storm drains. Groundwater management is especially important in the spring when the ground is just beginning to thaw, and storm drains are coping not only with rainwater but also with snow melt. This is also the time of year when damage to your storm drains from winter freezing and thawing is most likely to become apparent.

As part of the drain cleaning process, we can send a small camera on a powered line down your drains to check for debris, tree roots or crushing damage that might have occurred over the winter. Getting in ahead of the spring rains is good news for your foundations or your basement walls, which might otherwise develop moisture seeps. A working drain is far more effective than trying to stop leaks using sealant or moisture barriers – although those are good things to use.

Get ahead of the spring rush, call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750 to schedule your spring Signal Hill drain cleaning. By calling now, you can get ahead of the spring rush. If you have already noticed a problem, we’ll be glad to come out right away to take care of the situation.