In Need Of Drain Cleaning in Signal Hill?

Drain Tile CleaningWhile routine drain maintenance is critical to ensure that all your pipes are clear and water and waste can flow smoothly where they need to go, sometimes problems pop up that should be addressed by a professional plumber. Thorough drain cleaning in Signal Hill may be necessary if you experience the following drain issues:

  • Overflowing toilets. Occasional spilling over of a toilet is not a concern but if it happens often, a drain cleaning specialist needs to assess the situation to see if there is a blockage in the sewer drain.
  • Kitchen or bathroom sink drains are slow to empty. A clog may be impeding the flow of water.
  • Water backups in the tubs and sinks. Since this is a potential health crisis due to unsanitary conditions and the possibility that your floors and carpets may become saturated and ruined, call as soon as possible for help.
  • Stinky pipes indicate an obstruction that has been there for awhile. This most often happens when grease and food debris are washed down the kitchen sink or it could even be a small creature that has become trapped in the lines.
  • Excessive liquid drain cleaner use. Liquid drain cleaner does not fix drain problems and can severely damage pipes, as well as being a poison hazard for small children and pets.

When there is something wrong with the drains in your home, call a licensed plumber to tackle the problem. The experts at High Mark Plumbing are equipped to deal with all kinds of drain situations and can quickly provide thorough drain cleaning in Signal Hill when you need it most. Call (403) 407-5750. We are happy to offer 24-hour emergency service.