Is It Time For Sewer Main Replacement in Cochrane?

Is It Time For Sewer Main Replacement in Cochrane?

The pipes in your home that allow the use of fixtures and drains are connected to a large plumbing component – the main sewer line. This main line joins the city sewer main, usually at the edge of your property closest to the street. Since there is so much activity going on in this pipe, it can wear out over time or suffer an injury that leads to problems in your home. It may be time for sewer main replacement in Cochrane to resolve the issue.

Most of us have experienced a slow-draining tub, sink or a clogged drain. However, what if the back-up occurs in more than one drain at a time? This could indicate a blockage in the sewer drain, and the main causes often include:

  • Severe damage to pipes from older pipe corrosion, leaking joint seals, heavy equipment on the ground above, settling or shifting soil or excess traffic in the area of the pipe.
  • A bellied or sagging line from soil that has moved position.
  • Infiltration of tree roots into aging pipes or weak seals.
  • Items other than toilet tissue and human waste being flushed down the toilet.
  • Pouring oil, grease or fat down the drain.

Signs of an issue with the sewer main include:

  • More than occasional drain back-ups.
  • There are clogs in more than one fixture at a time.
  • Unusual situations develop with the plumbing – bubbling toilet water, a toilet flush causes a back-up in the shower or tub or you hear gurgling noises when the toilet is flushed or when water drains from the tub or shower.
  • Your lawn looks different. There may be an indentation, soggy patches or the grass is greener in a certain area.

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