Is It Time For Trenchless Water Main Repair In Vancouver?


Is It Time For Trenchless Water Main Repair In Vancouver?If you have an older home or business, your water lines may be subject to issues like ground shifting, freezing and thawing cycles, buildup of minerals, water pressure, and tree root intrusion. When a water line becomes damaged, you may have discolored water, lack of water pressure, or no water at all. These signal the need for professional intervention. A licensed plumber can evaluate the situation by looking at your pipes and offer advice about the need to replace your water line. It may be time for trenchless water main repair in Vancouver.

For adequate water line replacement and installation of a new pipe, trenchless repair is the way to go. This eliminates the need to tear up your driveway, yard, and expensive landscaping to correct the problem and is the much-preferred method of addressing the situation.

Trenchless water line replacement works well for:

  • Replacing a smaller water line with a larger one to accommodate the business or home
  • Piping systems that travel beneath the house or landscaping
  • Pipes that are damaged from constant ground freezing and thawing
  • Broken or cracked water pipes from shifting soil

Less invasive than traditional water line replacement, the trenchless method offers a welcome alternative that provides a smooth, clean flow of water where you need it. An experienced plumber will make an assessment that accurately covers your water needs and your budget.

To replace old lines, a plumber will make a hole at the start and end of the pipe and guide the new piping into place through the old pipe. The new piping is impervious to leaks, resists chemical damage, and deflects roots.

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