Keep Safety in Mind When Remolding Your Bathroom | High Mark Plumbing

The Bathroom Remodeling Specialists at High Mark Plumbing advises that if you are planning to remodel a bathroom, it is important to keep safety in mind. Consider your present circumstances and your possible future needs. Keeping your future needs in mind will possibly eliminate the need for unexpected upgrades.

The Bathroom Experts at High Mark Plumbing encourage their customers to include safety considerations when replacing or remodeling fixtures in the bath. Thousands of people are injured each year in bathroom accidents. Because the elderly population grows every year, their specific needs should be remembered. Additionally,  special needs people require specific fixtures to make their lives as easy as possible and to reduce injuries. The Bath Remodel Experts at High Mark Plumbing can help you decide which fixtures best suit your needs and provide professional installation of your new fixtures as well.

High Mark Plumbing’s  Bathroom Plumbing Specialists can design the most efficient plumbing layout and  install fixtures that are both pleasing to the eye and safe. In a home, the plumbers recommend that the home owner consider all possible safety features. People need to plan for more than today, as circumstances change over time. Be sure to give thought to the needs of every member of the family. The plumbers at High Mark Plumbing can install fixtures that will meet the guidelines under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Some things to consider for special need homes:

  • Provide ample clearance beneath any fixtures
  • Be sure that faucets and handles are easily reached
  • Be sure movable parts are easy to operate
  • Place grab bars in smart places
  • Think about the best toilet height for your purposes

Even if you do not have special needs family members, it is still important to avoid accidents in the bathroom. Falls and slips are among the most common bathroom accidents. Scalding from a water heater that is set too high is also common. When the Bath Remodel Experts from High Mark Plumbing install a water heater, they set the temperature to avoid burns.

Bathroom safety concerns tips:

  •  Avoid placing steps going into the tub or shower portion of the bathroom.
  • Be sure to have flooring that is not likely to cause slips
  • Think about building a platform around your new tub, so you can sit on the ledge and swing your legs into the tub.
  • If you have a glass enclosure around your shower, be sure to install shatterproof glass.
  • Install hinged shower doors to open into the room not into the shower
  • To avoid scalding, have temperature controlled valves put in all baths and showers.
  • Install electrical outlets and switches away from water sources.

The Bathroom Remodeling Specialists at High Mark Plumbing can help you install safe and dependable fixtures in your new bathroom. With pre-planning, you can enjoy your new bathroom safely for years to come.