Keep Your Sewer Main Clog-Free

sewer main cleaning in BurnabyDid you know that your sewer main needs periodic maintenance? Did you even know that you have a sewer main? For questions and service of your sewer main, call the professional plumbers at High Mark Plumbing. We offer quality, affordable sewer main cleaning in Burnaby.

We recommend sewer main cleaning every one to two years, or more often if you have frequent clogs or backups. In between cleanings, you will know if there is a problem with your sewer main. If more than one drain in your home is backing up, there is likely a clog.

We will locate the clean-out (if you have one), open it and examine it. Seeing water inside the clean-out is not a good sign. There is often a blockage. This could be due to several different factors, including excessive food waste, an abundance of oils or solid objects being put down the drain (which we always discourage) or tree roots impeding on the sewer main. Clogs can cause severe problems both inside and outside your house. Depending on the location of the blockage, the city may be responsible. This is worth checking as it could save you quite a bit of money.

If the problem is with your portion of the sewer main, we will insert a drain snake into the clean-out to clear the blockage if we can, and return your sewer main into the clean, empty pipe it should be. If this happens several times a year, your sewer main may need to be replaced.

Call the High Mark Plumbing 24-hour service line at 604-678-9440 to schedule routine or emergency sewer main cleaning in Burnaby.