Kerrisdale Vancouver BC Plumbing Service

Kerrisdale plumbing service

Plumbing is part of the infrastructure of your home or business. You rarely think about it until something breaks or wears out. High Mark Plumbing can offer an alternative: Kerrisdale Vancouver BC plumbing service.

Plumbing service invites a plumber to give your home or business building a thorough examination, much as if you were planning to sell or buy your property. We can do a compression test to check for leaks, change out old-style washer-type faucets for new washerless fixtures, and use a camera to examine drain lines – both groundwater and sewer. If we do not find any problems, we will be happy to report that good news; but if your plumbing system needs repairs, we will create a fair and honest estimate of cost to get your system back into shape.

We can also redo older plumbing installations. Houses that are more than fifty years old often have what can best be described as creative plumbing. Some of it might have been owner installed, and other “creativity” might be the result of owner repairs. These installations and repairs are not necessarily bad, but some of them might be substandard. Frequently, we can help you save on energy costs with more efficient water heaters or boilers. But we will never undertake any repair without your prior approval and we would keep you up to date on anything unusual that we might find.

High Mark Plumbing can take on your Kerrisdale plumbing service, call us at (604) 678-9440. We will be more than happy to evaluate your plumbing system and discuss with you any necessary changes to bring it up to code, as well as any changes that you might like to make for your convenience.