Learn About Drain Tile Replacement in Oakridge Vancouver BC

drain tile replacement in Oakridge

Drain tiles are used to encourage excess water to drain from an area where it would cause a problem, such as around your foundations, walkways or lawn. If you need drain tile replacement in Oakridge, High Mark Plumbing has everything necessary to take care of it.

Henry French is given credit for being the father of drain tiling. He used clay tiles to redirect standing water from his fields – and is the reason why drain tiling is sometimes referred to as a French Drain. The way that drain tiles work is they give groundwater a directed channel below ground level through which water can flow. First, a trench is dug – in depth, at least three times the diameter of the tile to be installed. Next, a porous layer of material, such as pea gravel is laid in the bottom of the trench. If the water is intended to flow into a storm drain, the gravel is used to help establish an appropriate gradient for good flow.  If the pipe will attach to a storm drain, that step is taken care of at this stage. The trench is then backfilled with a more porous material and possibly topped with a decorative layer, such as small, polished stones to give interest and to help mark the trench as an area not to encourage vegetation. Finally, the earth and sod that was dug out of the trench can be removed – and possibly used as fill dirt in low-lying areas. This is a remarkably stable system, but over time the drain might become damaged.

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