Let Us Unclog Your Drain

drain cleaning service in LangleyIt’s a problem most people have experienced, both in the home and at work. There’s a clogged drain. Maybe it’s a simple blockage but it could be broken or frozen pipes. For clogged drain issues, it’s best to call an expert. That’s where High Mark Plumbing comes in. We are your drain cleaning service in Langley.

Although commercial drain cleaners advertised may solve your clogged drain problem, they create a whole new set of concerns when used. These toxic chemicals are usually lye or acid and are bad for your pipes and the health of your family. The chemicals can damage pipes made from PVC, brass, steel or iron. The fumes are harmful to the lungs and skin contact can result in serious burns.

Let the professionals at High Mark Plumbing unclog your drain without dangerous chemicals. We use a plumber’s snake, pressurized water or completely open a pipe to remove clogs. Our specialized knowledge can safely and effectively solve your drain problems quickly.

Depending on the location of your clog(s), a variety of culprits may be possible. Kitchen sinks often have grease, soap or food waste that blocks pipes. The showers or tubs have soap and hair. The bathroom sinks may have clogs of dirt, soap and the worst culprit – toothpaste. Toilets often suffer from trying to flush non-flushable items such as personal hygiene products and facial tissue. Floor drains in the basement, garage or patio have roots that intrude on the pipes.

Wherever and whatever your clog, our drain cleaning in Langley experts will take care of it for you. Contact High Mark Plumbing today at 604-678-9440 for an appointment.