Love Your Water Heaters in Vancouver

Love Your Water Heaters in VancouverAt High Mark Plumbing we know how much you love your water heaters in Vancouver. More than that, we know the kind of tender loving care that is needed to keep them working properly. In many ways, hot water on demand is the hallmark of civilization.

What exactly does a good hot water heater in your home do? It saves hundreds of hours of human labor. At one time, in order to keep a home clean, family members clean and dishes and laundry done, water had to be drawn up out of a well by hand or even dipped from a spring or stream and carried to the location where it was to be used. If hot water was needed, it would then have to be put into a reservoir on the back of a stove or poured into a kettle where it could be heated. Today, there are many ways to heat hot water. It can be kept in a tank-type hot water heater, ready to be used on demand. Or it can be heated using a tankless water heater, which will heat up water as it is required. There are even plans for heating water using solar water heaters. However you might warm it up, there is just nothing like a steamy bath with lots of bubbles or a good, hot shower to warm up or to remove the grime of a day of work or fun.

At High Mark Plumbing we know how much you love your hot water heaters in Vancouver, because we love them, too. If your water heater needs some help, give us a call at (604)945-6060 for the TLC needed to keep it running in tip-top shape.