Maintaining Water Heaters in Langley

Maintaining Water Heaters in LangleyHigh Mark Plumbing has the staff and the equipment for maintaining water heaters in Langley. In addition, we have the expertise for new installations. We have often mentioned the joys of hot water, and indoor plumbing has long been considered a mark of civilization.

For example, when the famous Roman general, Publius Scipio Africanus the Elder retired from Rome to his villa in disgust with the attitudes displayed by the Roman senators, a contemporary commented on how small and cold the bath in the country villa was compared to the bath the family had enjoyed in Rome. The reference was used to show the comparative modesty of Scipio’s country home in contrast with his city dwelling. Indeed, easy access to potable water in general, and hot water in particular, has long been a hallmark of civilization. Hot water on demand facilitates everything from washing dishes and mopping floors to doing laundry and enjoying a luxurious bubble bath. A retiree who is old enough to remember having to carry water from a local spring described life without plumbing as extremely difficult. Indeed, the world of the Saturday-night-bath revolved around the difficulty of bringing water into the house, heating it, and pouring it into a container large enough to immerse even a small portion of adult anatomy. Even the pictures of historical arrangements are enough to make one cheer for modern plumbing.

High Mark Plumbing has the staff and the equipment needed for maintaining water heaters in Langley, just call (604)945-6060 for an appointment. We will schedule a team to take care of your hot water heater as quickly as possible, whether you need routine maintenance, repair or installation of a new water heater. We do it all.