Many Kinds of Water Heaters in Burnaby

Many Kinds of Water Heaters in BurnabyHigh Mark Plumbing would like to celebrate the many kinds of water heaters in Burnaby. We have often remarked on the wonders and joys of hot water that is available at the turn of a tap. This week, we want to discuss the many different ways that can be used to heat that water.

Of course, there is the traditional water heater that utilizes a holding tank for the water and some sort of heating device or element. A few of these can be heated with wood or a similar fuel, or with solar roof supply, but the most common heat sources are either gas or electric. The tanks come in a variety of sizes, and can sometimes function similarly to a boiler in order to supply steam or hot water heat. The other main type of water heater is an on-demand heater that will heat up the water as it is needed rather than storing it in a tank. These also come in variable sizes. Some types are set up to supply the whole house, while others heat the water at the point where they are actually needed, such as in the bath or at the kitchen sink.

At High Mark Plumbing we celebrate the many kinds of water heaters in Burnaby, and if you would like to discuss maintenance of your water heater or installation of a new one, just call (604)945-6060. Our reliable plumbers are ready to help you to have the ability to enjoy the wonders of hot water – for simple utilitarian needs such as cleaning, for enjoyment (love those bubble baths) and even for heating your home. Hot water is a marvel and a desirable part of civilization.