McKenzie Towne, Calgary AB Water Main Replacement

At High Mark Plumbing we know that a McKenzie Towne, Calgary AB water main replacement can be a big deal, whether it is work that your local utility company is doing on your street, or whether you are taking care of a faulty intake main for your home or business.

Availability of clean, potable water is vital to any community: human, animal or plant. Humans are less tolerant to certain types of pollutants, such as e-coli, but most living creatures have difficulty with industrial wastes, excess fertilizer or insecticides or herbicides. Your water main is the way your city or county utility has available to deliver water that has been treated, cleaned and generally made safe for human consumption. In the case of water, “safe for consumption” can be a relative term. For example, chlorine is often added to kill harmful bacteria in household drinking water. However, some people are sensitive to this additive. They might experience a faint queasiness after drinking tap water or develop an itchy rash after showering in water treated with chlorine bleach. Yet for most people, that water is perfectly safe for all household uses. If you are one of those people who are allergic or sensitive to chlorine or other additives in drinking water, your water main installation might include adding a water purification system to create an additional cleaning step for the water you use for drinking, bathing and other general household uses.

If you need a McKenzie Towne, Calgary AB water main replacement, call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750. We know that clean, potable water is one of the most valuable resources that anyone can have, and we are ready to help you have that resource available for your family, friends or your customers if you are running a business.