My Hot Water Heater Isn’t Working!

Heater Repair in Burnaby needs.There are few things more frustrating than enjoying a nice hot shower and the water suddenly starts to run cold. This is often a sure sign that something is wrong with your hot water heater. Let the expert technicians at High Mark Plumbing provide your hot water heater repair in Burnaby.

Several issues may signal a problem with your gas hot water heater. Running out of hot water is a big concern. Your hot water tank may not be large enough to handle the amount of hot water needed in your home or the dip tube could be broken or damaged, allowing hot and cold water to mix. The hot and cold water connections may have been installed backwards or it could be a gas supply or control issue.

You may have no hot water at all. This could be due to a defective pilot, gas thermocouple (measures the temperature of the water) or control valve.

Do you have rust-colored water coming from the tap? This is probably corrosion from a glass-lined hot water tank or the sacrificial anode (delays rust from occurring) is failing.The funky rotten egg smell coming from your water is unlikely to be forgotten. This is caused by bacteria in the residue from hydrogen gas from the decay of the sacrificial anode.

Does your hot water heater make a rumbling or popping noise? The extra sediment at the bottom of the tank causes the water in the heater to boil. A leak at the bottom of your heater signals a malfunction in the temperature and pressure release valve, the connection could be damaged or corrosion could be present.

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