Old and New Boilers in Calgary

Boilers in CalgaryHigh Mark Plumbing can service, install and repair both old and new boilers in Calgary. Whether your boiler is used to heat water for bathing and cleaning, or it does double duty by heating your home or business or even runs industrial machinery, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to care for your boiler. Put our knowledge to work for you.

Installing and maintaining industrial boilers is serious business. Boilers can be dangerous if not properly installed and maintained, and it can be a huge pain for your business is your boiler ever ceases to work properly. At High Mark Plumbing, we approach each project with a high sense of urgency for this reason, and work quickly to keep you up and running at all times. All of our staff are certified plumbers and gasfitters, and have many years of experience working with industrial and commercial boilers. Our crews will check your system to ensure that you are operating at maximum efficiency. One of the more common issues with boilers is to check steam trap operation. If steams traps are not working properly, this can cause a huge hit to energy savings. Experienced professionals with the right testing equipment can monitor this for you to help avoid loss of efficiency and extra costs to your company.

High Mark Plumbing can service, install and repair both old and new boilers in Calgary, just give us a call at (403)407-5750. This tragic incident serves to underscore why we take correct installation and proper maintenance of boilers very seriously. As Benjamin Franklin demonstrated with his mother’s tea kettle, steam under pressure is extremely powerful – which is why all boilers of any sort are equipped with safety valves and overflow drains. Even your very ordinary household water heater – which is a boiler of sorts – has them.