Older Home Drain Tile Replacement

drain tile replacement in Coquitlam

Buying an older home is an appealing prospect for several reasons. There is the unique architectural style of a past era, features and designs that stand out even today and solid workmanship that lasts for decades. Unfortunately, however, these fine qualities may mask underlying problems that can cause substantial headache and cost if not addressed quickly. One of these issues may be drain tile replacement in Coquitlam.

When inspecting a residence that is advanced in age, take careful note of potential water problems.

These may be manifested in leaks in the floor or walls of the basement. These issues must be investigated by a professional plumber to determine if the existing drain tile is still operational or if it exists at all.

After ruling out other easier solutions to common drain situations, precise examination of the drain tile involves creating several holes in the basement to check the condition of the drain tile and how well it is working. Standing water may indicate tree root intrusion, debris or mud impeding the flow of water. A water hose is then inserted into the hole to determine if there is a blockage and how the drain permits water flow. If perimeter drain tile is also present, a similar procedure is followed.

Many times, a repair is all that is necessary but if you require drain tile replacement in Coquitlam, contact the experienced plumbing team at High Mark Plumbing. Call for your appointment today at (604) 678-9440. We are available 24 hours every day for your convenience.