Outdoor Kitchens for Entertaining! Delta Plumbing Gas Outlet Installation

How many times have you run out of propane while grilling for a crowd? You still have plenty of time to have Delta Plumbing Gas Outlet Installation experts assure this will not happen on your next big celebration! Consider an outdoor kitchen, with so many advantages, you’ll look for an excuse to cook outside!

Gas Outlet Installation

Always contract with a certified Delta Gas Outlet Installation Contractor to be certain your outdoor gas appliances are safely installed. This is most definitely not a do-it-yourself project! Installing the actual appliances can be completed prior to the outlet installation; assuring your kitchen is exactly as you dreamed. Convenience is key to outlet installation – an expert will provide you with options that suit both your needs and your appliance’s specifications.

Ask your contractor about a gas quick-connect outlet. This item provides a safe, convenient connection for all your natural gas appliances. Allowing remote shut-off of gas flow, you never need worry about getting singed when the party is over. Also, most quick-connect outlets have a safety shut-off for emergency situations. The valve senses when gas is flowing uncontrollably (if the line is cut, for example) and turns the flow off automatically. The additional cost is well worth the peace of mind and convenience it provides.

Benefits of Natural Gas Appliances 

Most outdoor appliances are available in a natural gas version; and some propane appliances can be modified with the appropriate retro-fit kit. When shopping for new appliances, consider the benefits of natural gas:

  • You will never run out of propane
  • You will never have to add ‘propane’ to your party list
  • Cooking outside will leave your home cool and comfortable
  • Natural gas is much more efficient than propane — savings of up to 1/3 the cost/BTU of propane
Be aware that you cannot hook natural gas into a propane appliance! 

Natural Gas Appliances

There are a number of natural gas appliances available to complete the desired atmosphere of your outdoor area:

  • Cook Surface: either a stand-alone grill or a cook top integrated into a workspace
  • Fire Pit: great for cool evenings, extending the useable seasons of your outdoor kitchen
  • Patio Heaters: providing warmth and coziness for a brisk fall cookout
  • Smokers: great for fish and wild game, can be used year-round