Water Bill Woes Signal a Plumbing Problem

If you open your water bill and see that it is significantly higher than normal it may be time to schedule a plumbing repair in Maple Ridge. Pipes are under constant pressure and may develop corrosion, loose fittings or cracks and holes. Excessive water usage may not be immediately evident unless you have an obvious leak or burst pipes. Small leaks and drips can really add up. Aside from the extra cost involved with a water leak, health hazards are also possible as sweating pipes and pooling water can cause mold and mildew. Read More >>

Certified Boiler Repair in Langley

Whether you have a standard home or expansive commercial model, your building’s boiler unit has a critical job to fulfill for interior comfort. Periodically scheduled preventive maintenance is crucial to ensure both safe and efficient boiler operation that is also cost-effective. If you do experience some problematic issues, however, boiler repair in Langley is available from experienced and licensed professionals. Read More >>

Experienced Drain Tile Repair in Coquitlam

Drain tile is the series of perforated pipes that are laid on gravel in a trench from 8-12 inches deep that is placed beside the footing of a building’s foundation to ensure proper drainage away from the structure. When water begins to seep or flood into a home or office due to the build up of pressure, it is time to schedule your drain tile repair in Coquitlam. Read More >>

Hot Water Heaters in Langley

The hot water heaters available in today’s market are likely quite different from the types that were on hand when you were a child. There are actually quite a number of factors to consider when determining the purchase of hot water heaters in Langley in advance of selecting the correct system for your requirements. Read More >>

Water Main Replacement in Coquitlam

Since the water main at a home or business is located beneath the structure and throughout the property, we tend to simply assume that everything is functioning properly. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When there is a water main problem, there are severe and costly consequences that can be a complex and unsavory project to tackle. Water main replacement in Coquitlam may unfortunately be required. Read More >>

Plumbers in Vancouver

Since the average do-it-yourselfer is proud to be quite handy around the house, that individual is typically well able to fix minor and uncomplicated situations that involve the plumbing. There are a few gray areas, however, where you may not really be sure whether to call professional plumbers in Vancouver or attempt a repair or installation on your own. Read More >>