Rocky View County Emergency Plumbing

Imagine coming home the end of a long day, anticipating a nice meal and some quiet time in your home. You start to turn on the kitchen sink, and the spigot knob comes off in your hand. The sink begins to imitate a geyser – a hot one! What can you do? Who can you call? Not Ghost Busters, that’s for sure, but you can call High Mark Plumbing to take care of your Rocky View County emergency plumbing. Read More >>

Plumbing Repair in Fraserview Vancouver BC

Plumbing seems like a passive system until you consider all the things that are connected to it. These can include water heaters, heat pumps, radiant heat systems, refrigerators (the kind that dispenses water and ice), sprinkler systems, sewer drains, groundwater drains, or even boilers. You will find it no wonder that our team of skilled plumbing specialists can handle electrical wiring, heat pumps and all sorts of pipe fitting – including gas. High Mark plumbing can handle your plumbing repair in Fraserview Vancouver BC no matter what sort of appliance it hooks up to or works with in tangent. Read More >>

Repair, Maintenance or Replacement for Water Heaters in Shawnessy, Calgary AB

High Mark Plumbing is more than glad to help with your water heaters in Shawnessy, Calgary AB. Whether you need your water heater repaired, serviced, or replaced, we have the team that can handle the work that is needed. We have a broad array of skills, including working with heat pumps, electrical wiring and anything that enters your house or leaves it through a pipe. Read More >>

Contact High Mark Plumbing for Drain Tile Repair

February is an anomalous sort of month. It isn’t real winter, but it isn’t quite spring yet, either. But it is still a good month to ask High Mark Plumbing about your drain tile repair in Fairview Vancouver BC. In spite of there still being days of bitter cold, the weather begins to have that fresh promise of seasonal change – right along with all the spring cleaning and repairs that implies. Read More >>

Don’t Get Left in The Cold: Boiler Service in Cochrane, Calgary, AB

“As the boiler coughed and died, we lit the fire and cried; We didn’t have the wood to last the day…” Hands of My Salvation, by Leslie Fish. The quotation is from a somewhat problematical story about college girls who are snowbound in their dormitory. Their situation reveals their heroic qualities as they fend for themselves. High Mark Plumbing can help you prevent needing such heroism by providing boiler service in Cochrane, Calgary, AB. Read More >>

Sewer Main Cleaning in Dunbar Vancouver BC

Water piped into a residence is one of the great signs of civilization, an item of great saving of labor and time, to say nothing of convenience. But once the water is piped in, how does it get back out again? To say nothing of the various types of personal and household wastes. This once gave rise to such things as the “honey wagon,” a conveyance that took away household slops. The operators of such things were looked upon as the lowest of the low. Enter now the sewer drain that could carry away all such wastes – until it clogs up, that is. That is where High Mark Plumbing can help with your sewer main cleaning in Dunbar Vancouver BC. Read More >>