New Westminster Plumbers to the Rescue for Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems!

Whether you have a bathroom with all new fixtures or one that has been lovingly maintained through the years, there are several common problems that arise from everyday use. As with any plumbing issue, some problems are merely an inconvenience, while others are catastrophic. Regardless the severity, New Westminster Plumbing is ready to solve your problem! Read More >>

5 Common Problems with Port Moody Kitchen Fixtures

Regardless how beautiful your kitchen, we all suffer from the same usual issues. Often, the problems are minor, even if they cause a major headache. With at least 5 potential areas of plumbing problems, armed with the ability to troubleshoot the most common ‘disasters’ can save you time and money in the long run. If, however, your problem is truly a catastrophic, absolutely-in-need-of-a-plumber-now situation, Port Moody Kitchen Fixture Repair & Service technicians are on-call 24/7! To assist with your troubleshooting: Read More >>

Troubleshooting Problems for Your Coquitlam Oil Burning Furnace Service

Regardless the manufacture of your oil furnace, most oil burners encounter the same problems. By conducting an initial inspection of an oil burner that is not functioning properly, you could actually save yourself time (and money) by assisting your Coquitlam Oil Burner Service technician. With little more than a voltmeter, you can do a rudimentary inspection of your oil burner between visits from High Mark Plumbing or should you experience a furnace failure. Read More >>

Does Your Vancouver Gas Furnace Really Need a Tune-Up Every Year?

Do you have your Vancouver Gas Furnace tuned up every year? If you answer is “NO”, now is a perfect time to start! The expert Vancouver Furnace Repair technicians at Highmark Plumbing advise that you have your gas furnace inspected routinely after every heating season. As we are well out of this heating season, it is time to schedule your annual inspection visit! Even with improved safety features in newer gas furnaces, there are a multitude of variables that cannot be monitored by even the most advanced safety systems. It is essential that a ¬†certified technician perform a full inspection to assure that your furnace is operating at its peak efficiency. Read More >>

What NOT to Put Down the Toilet – Vancouver Drainage Plumbing Advice

Ever had poo water in your tub? If so, chances are that an item that is not toilet friendly was flushed – causing a clog in the drain. Repair costs aside, cleaning the mess is draining (no pun intended). Once a clog has gotten to the point of regurgitating through the drain system – you likely need to call a Vancouver Plumbing expert to return your home to normal. Read More >>

Cleaning Tips for Offset Pipe – Vancouver Drain Cleaning

As with any pipe, taking care with what you flush through your plumbing system, will help maintain the flow in an offset pipe length. Depending on the relative elevation and degree of offset, the bend in a piping system can form a ‘trap’ of sorts for miscellaneous debris. There are some home remedies for cleaning your drains; but daily care is the best prevention! Read More >>

The Great Debate: Why Must Men Put the Seat Down But Women Don’t Leave it up? Consider a New Bathroom Installed by Vancouver Plumbing

How much trouble is it –¬†really – to put the toilet seat down? Nowhere near as much trouble as landing in the toilet – instead of on the seat! If men had to sit every time, it likely would not be such a heated debate – the seat would be voluntarily lowered…It is utterly amazing how far that 1/2″ is! Ohhhhhhh – and how very, very cold the unprotected bowl can be on an unprotected derriere… Read More >>